AutoCAD 2006 makes blue dead screen and restart the PC

By alashhar ·
My client is architecture office, now they are facing a problem with AutoCAD 2006, when they open some AutoCAD files, which are in the our file server, the blue dead screen appears and after that the PC restart by itself. In other way when you save that files locally in the PCs, it work without any problem. Can anybody help me to solve this problem.

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by brian In reply to AutoCAD 2006 makes blue d ...

How big are the files that are giving you the problem?

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it is not so big

by alashhar In reply to files?

it is about 3MB,

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Possible Old Version

by brian In reply to files?

Could these files have came from an older version of CAD and while CAD is trying to open the file and convert it to the newer version, it is throwing the error you are getting. (While saving locally, it doesnt' have to bounce infromation through the network to convert but while local, it does it all on the local machine). Another possiblitly though highly unlikely file permission settings.

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different versions

by alashhar In reply to Possible Old Version

in period of time, the office was working with different versions of autocad, some engineers worked with 2008, 2007, 2006. but now they work with only 2006. therefore you may be right. is there a way to solve this problem?

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by brian In reply to different versions

Those files could have been created in a newer version of cad. The only true test, try installing cad 2008 (even a trial version for testing should work) on one of the workstations experiencing the problem and then open the file. if it opens, you have your answer, if not then its back to the drawing board.

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versions (last post continued)

by brian In reply to update

If the files were created in a newer version of cad, in theory the program should just say, hey, i can't open this it was created in a newer version of CAD (like visual studio does), however, CAD may just jumble up everything trying to force the file to open in an older version and the system just says ah forget it and bsod then reboot. if the files open in the newer version on the problem pc's it looks as if the company will have to spend the money and upgrade all systems and files to the newer version of cad, this way all files, systems, and engineers are running the newer can test this theory by installing a trial version of CAD 2008 (if there is one) on all workstations and see if the problem occurs (try it one at a time...just to save you time if it doesn't work on the first install). Just a theory, but my experience with some older offshoot makes of CAD have done this to me was a costly mistake the company made by allowing different versions to be used by different engineers and then wonder why they had these types of problems. After the upgrade, never had a problem again...they kept all systems the same and everything was just happy as could be.

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it was created in 2006

by alashhar In reply to versions (last post conti ...

thank you for your reply and answer, i have told the engineers about your idea, but they told me some files related to old projects which are created in 2006.

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so we know...

by brian In reply to it was created in 2006

ok, so we know the problem files were created in cad 2006, they work when saved local, but when opened through the network, they give a bsod and restart. Since they are on a file server, lets look into that for a moment. Is this file server running a version of Server or is is just a XP box acting as a network storage? If it is a server platform, have you checked to file permissions and made sure that multiple users can connect to the file (not just slected individuals) or that it isn't open on more than one pc at a time. if it is an xp box acting as storage, remember that professional is limited to 10 users allowed to connect to it at a time (however since you are experiencing problems not on all files i doubt this would be it). another thing to try, take one of the files that have been saved on a local pc, rename the file on the server to filenamehere.old.extension and then copy the file from the local save back to the server, though the file may not be corrupt, it may have an issue none the less...just a thought.

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by brian In reply to AutoCAD 2006 makes blue d ...

Do these files open on the file server? Have you tried opening them locally on the server?

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our server is win2k3 stand

by alashhar In reply to question

first of all i would like to thank you for interset and help, actually i can not install autocad on windows 2003 stand server.

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