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autocad drawings

By eroon ·
What is the best way to put autocad drawings on our website? I tried converting them to jpeg and gif files using Corel, but either parts were cut off or the drawings looked strange. I then tried scanning and saving them as jpegs, gifs etc. They looked great until I uploaded them to the website. On the website they were not clear, lines were missing. Can anyone help?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to autocad drawings

i believe many place use pdf's using Distiller or Adobe on-line pdf services. you can try it for a trial at the adobe website or small fee with cc.

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by eroon In reply to autocad drawings

Thanks for the answer. I actually tried converting it to a pdf, I've used this before to email drawings, but I found that some of the lines on the drawing disappeared when I converted it to pdf.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to autocad drawings

It sounds very much like an issue with your web authoring application not rendering the images correctly.

At what resolution did you scan in the images? If it was anything greater than 75 DPI the files would be too big for most web authoring applications to handle properly and could account for the incorrect showing of the images.


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by Wingtech In reply to autocad drawings

Possibly eDrawings from the link below maybe what you need. It shrinks the file size but retains the detail.


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by vfarrace In reply to autocad drawings

I have found that converting any printer output to PDF using "PDFCreator" works quite well after adjusting the output settings. To get AutoCAD drawings to plot such that all the lines are very legible, I apply a monochrome pen style to the plots before sending them to the virtual PDF printer.
Autodesk also supports a DWF format that is smaller than DXF but maintains the geometric details in drawings. They also have a freely available DWF viewer available on their web site.

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by broyster In reply to autocad drawings

You did not say what version of autocad but you can save them as .dwf files, an autocad format. They also have a free viewer. If the drawings are "for show" and not technical exchange then pdf is the best way to go.

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