AutoCAD virus attack (guessing)

By alashhar ·
hi all

in the architecture and constriction company happen string things in their AutoCAD 2008 here the details:

(1)when the run the autocad a garbage message appear with button OK.
(2)after pressed OK, the autocad will work fine for short time, then some tools does not work properly for example when you press move tool the copy tool work istead.
(3)we decided to remove the autocad 2008 and reinstall the autocad 2007.but the problem is still exist.

i am waiting your comments and answers.

thank you

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Well for starters you need to scan the systems for

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AutoCAD virus attack (gue ...

Virus and Mal ware.

So if you have nothing loaded to scan for these download, install & update as required the following applications

Ad Aware 2008

Advanced System Care

AVG Free

Malware Bytes

& Spy Bot S&amp

if you don't have a Domain in this business and run them in Safe Mode. If you have a Domain use the Servers AV Product as this should give full protection.

Also when you first installed the 2008 Version did you uninstall the old version of this application before installing the new?

Also when you removed the New Version did you delete the Folder/s that it loads into?

Did you look at the Registry Files to make sure that all of the references to Auto CAD where removed?

It is quite possible that if you didn't remove the old version the New Version is conflicting with the old and you need to completely remove this from the system/s before you can proceed to fix it up.


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the attack is by TROJAN.ACAD.QFAS

by alashhar In reply to Well for starters you nee ...


thank you OH Smeg, your help was useful.

our kaspersky detects the virus (trojan.acad.qfas). it infected many autocad files, the kaspersky deleted the virus successfully. but there is some problems:

(1) although the kaspersky deleted the virus for all the pcs, when i make a new scan in the next day, the result that the virus infected the files again.

(2) after the kaspersky deleted the virus, the symptoms disappeared (see my first post) for while, then it shows again.

i am really confuse, i need a method to kill this virus from all the pcs and network.

best regards

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Well all things being equal

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to the attack is by TROJAN.A ...

You may need to scan in Safe Mode to get all traces of this infection killed.

Obviously there is still a trace of this infection left on a computer somewhere and it may remain on all affected computers or it may be on one showing no signs and is spreading back across the LAN after you clean up the infection. You are being reinfected from some place on the Network so it means a full Network Wide Scan needs doing.


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finally i got rid of ACAD.QFAS

by alashhar In reply to Well all things being equ ...

in order to trace the infection i did the following:

(1)i enforced all the users to do not shut down the PCs after work hours.
(2)i scheduled the kaspersky administrative kit to do scan for all the PCs and servers during the night.
(3) the scan was to system memory, disk boot sectors, all removable drives, and all the hard drives.

successfully i got rid of the virus ACAD.QFAS from the PCs and Network

thank you all

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Pirated Software

by udayn82 In reply to AutoCAD virus attack (gue ...


THis problem occurs only if you are using a pirated version of software. Some of the installation folders you will find empty if you install pirated software.

If you have installed original then the error is due to automatic updates. Autocad always looks for internet connection for updates or online help. THis would help you to solve the problem

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