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    Autodesk buys Alias


    by jaqui ·

    yup, Autodesk has signed a deal to buy Alias.
    making autodesk the largest cg company in the market, with 70% of the business.
    They bought Discreet a few years back, so now they have the gaming industry with 3D Studio Max and Gmax, the CAD/CAM with Autocad, and with the addition of Alias’ lines they get a sizable chunk of the film industry.

    the issues, as seen by graphics artists themselves:
    1) Will autodesk merge max and maya?
    2) Will autodesk add a “ple” version of max?
    3) Will autodesk kill of one of the two?
    4) Will autodesk kill the linux and macos versions of the Alias lines?
    yes, Alias has both macos and linux versions of all thier desktop software.
    5) Will Autodesk change Maya to make it the same plugin driven he|| as 3D Studio Max?

    a “ple” is Personal Learning Edition. the rendering watermarks the images.
    and no saving of very large files are the limitations. With no expiry of a ple, it is a huge step up from a demo version, specially with the complexity of the cg software.

    The majority of alias clients I have spoken with on this have stated that they will move to Softimage’s xsi if Autodesk’s activites cause the answer to any of:
    1,3,4 or 5 to be yes.
    By majority, I’m literally meaning 95%.

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      We are not a big fan of AutoCAD

      by lost_one ·

      In reply to Autodesk buys Alias

      I am the Systems Tech for an Engineering and Manufacturing firm and AutoCAD is the least used of all the CAD packages. ProE, DesignSpace, SolidWorks and SolidEdge are used much more the wimpy AutoCAD for designing and modeling. I am not just talking about in house projects (we have very few of those) I am talking about contracted projects with major companys such as GM, Harsco, NWA, CNH, Loram, P&H Mining, US Navy, and many more. The only thing we use AutoCAD for is the occasional print work that must be done with AutoCAD.

      Autodesk is getting smaller every day when it comes to engineering packages.

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