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    Autoexec.bat entry


    by mich_1 ·

    Any ideas what set tvdumpflags=10 is?

    Just appeared after updating Zone Alarm to the latest version but don’t know if the two are related?

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      by maxwell edison ·

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      Check the date on the autoexec.bat file to determine when it may have been added. It doesn’t have anything to do with Zone Alarm, at least there’s no reference to it in their knowledge base.

      You could REM out the line to see if anything is affected. If yes, there’s the culprit. If not, no harm done.

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      by rewrite ·

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      My guess is that it is used by zonealarm’s true vector service. If you want to see if it is still needed then open the autoexec.bat file in a text editor and put “rem” (no quotes) at the beginning of the line. Save the file and reboot. See if there are any problems with zonealarm.

      It might be something left over from the install that wasn’t cleaned up properly. I installed zonealarm on a 98 machine I had laying around but did not find that entry in my autoexec.bat file so it isn’t a requirement in all instances.

      If you run into problems or errors with zonealarm then simply edit the autoexec.bat file again and remove the “rem” from the line.



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      by rindi1 ·

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      With the “set” command you can define any variables you want and add values to it. This can be used by any prog. I suggest you rem this entry and see if everything works fine. If not you can allways remove the rem again.

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      by mich_1 ·

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