Autoflagging in Outlook 2007

By U_S_S_Enterprise ·
I have a request from one of my users.

She says that some mails arrive, and are automatically flagged for some reason.
We`ve examined the rules, and there isn`t one there that would auto-flag certain mails (actually, all the rules do is move from certain senders to specified folders).

So now i wonder : Is there some setting that a sender can use to autoflag these mails? And, how can you prevent this?

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Flag or category?

by TobiF In reply to Autoflagging in Outlook 2 ...

A category may be set by the sender.
Unless the recipient has a rule applied to all incoming messages to clear categories, these categories will stay.

"Apply this rule after the message arrives; assigned to any category; clear message's categories"
This rule seems to be included by default and recommended.

A sender may also set a "flag for recipients" in a message. Look for a red "follow up" flag in the Options section of the Message tab (wow, these ribbons are almost as hard to navigate as the unnamed streets in down-town Deira...)

These flags might be cleared with an additional rule:
Rules and Alerts; New Rule; Blank rule: Check messages when they arrive; Next; Next (confirm "Apply for all messages"); select "clear the Message flag"; Next; Select exceptions (if any) etc.

Hope this helps.

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by U_S_S_Enterprise In reply to Flag or category?

Yes - they are flags.
The reason this question got asked was that senders added flags, and therefore tasks, to mails (even commercial newsletters).

Since they are remote users - i`ve had them check the 'clear category' filter which we have by default, and adjust to clear the flag as well.

Thanks so far. I`ll try and update asap.

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Perhaps you should clear flags upon sending, too?

by TobiF In reply to Flags

Perhaps the ones who can't stop sending follow-up flags to hundreds of people should get an additional filter for flags to be run "before sending"?

EditAdd: It may be possible to have the Exchange server strip such flags off mail going to distribution lists or external addresses, but, I'm just a simple superuser with almost no experience from server exchange...

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by U_S_S_Enterprise In reply to Perhaps you should clear ...

I`ll have to get the mail admins to check ..
some of the flagged items are from non internal sources - can`t really force them to unflag.

but on the exchange server - good tip.

Thanks for your assistance!

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