Automated Confidentiality Notice

By JohnHiltz ·
We use Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2002/2003.

I am looking for a way to automatically attach a confidentiality notice to all outbound email. We would prefer to do this at the server level rather than at the client level. Any help is appreciated.


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Easiest way

by Tig2 In reply to Automated Confidentiality ...

Develop a mandatory signature block that appends to all outgoing messages. But that is really easier (in my opinion) to do from the client point. Another bonus is that the senders get accustomed to seeing it and are more likely to adopt other required changes as the rules around security and privacy change.

From the server level, there are others here with far greater expertise in Exchange than I.

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GFI Mail Essentials

by faradhi In reply to Automated Confidentiality ...

We use GFI Mail Essentials. The cool part about this is that you can use the evaluation version. Once the eval period expires, the software will still apply the disclaimer. You can also set the disclaimer to apply to only certian AD groups.

This works very well for us.

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by bob_steel In reply to GFI Mail Essentials

I do this by looping mail through sendmail twice - attaching the signature on the first pass.

I create a local mailer with procmail and route all mail into it where it's munged. The mail domain is then re-written as and pushed back into sendmail which strips .flammer off again and mails it on.

A simple script is all that's needed to add the correct multipart headers to the mail and add the signature on the bottom.

My solution may be a bit round-the-houses, but it works and works well.

Here's the patch for sendmail.

R$* < @ $+ .flammer. > $* $@ $1<@$2.>$3 Already munged, map back
R$* < @ $+ .flammer > $* $@ $1<@$2.>$3 Already munged, map back
R$* < @ $+. > $* $#procmail $@ /etc/procmailrcs/rc.archive $: $1<@$2.flammer.>$3
R$* < @ $+ > $* $#procmail $@ /etc/procmailrcs/rc.archive $: $1<@$2.flammer.>$3

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