Automated file transfer

By dr_s ·
I want to automate the file transfer from a remote site to my pc over a WAN. Can anyone please suggest a industry standard secure file transfer tool for a windows environment.

I am looking for a industry accepted, more secure than traditional FTP.

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secure FTP

by Neon Samurai In reply to Automated file transfer

What OS are you transfering data between? Are both ends running Windows, is one end something else or are both ends running something other than Windows?

You can setup a secure ftp server on one end then use a script and secure ftp client to do your automatic download.

The more secure way is to use proper encryption with something like OpenSSH, then you get a remote client and secure ftp in one package. You'll need to do a few searches for "openssh sftp autmatic backup rsync"

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RSYNC for Windows

by srace In reply to Automated file transfer

check out cwRSYNC for Windows. It is a very powerful program, based on the Linux RSYNC utility. You can read about it here:

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use gpg

by wsdelicate In reply to Automated file transfer

Encrypt the files using gpg before you transfer them. Use Batch files and FTP Script files to control the encryption and transfer. The gpg site has info on it.

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limited encryption

by arran.price In reply to use gpg

to note on this, gpg is often used to encrypt files, but your username/password (used to log into the destination) will still be clear text if you use ftp.
That may be completely acceptable in this particular instance but its important to note it.
something like sftp will encrypt the entire transmission - but the data coming out the other end will be as it was when it went in (ie encrypted during transfer but it wont be encrypted when it gets written to disk if it wasnt originally).

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need script pls

by dr_s In reply to Automated file transfer

would apprecite if some one could get me the script for the same..

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