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automated input into dB

By intergrow ·
Hey AnzerPanzers,
a pre-question:
'does batch processing refer specifically to DOS or can linux do batch processing(that is without dos emulation)

Hypothetical situation:
I have Mydb (mySQL & Linux)and I would like to store sales data from a variety of sources.

the question:
When I have accumulated large amounts and varieties of data and stored them in files in different formats. And I have created tables for the data, then what tools or languages would make uploading efficient?


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automated input into dB

by Volker Kerkhoff In reply to automated input into dB

Well, Jesper:
Basically, one can safely assume that U**Xes shell scripting languages do offer a lot more functionality than thoes found on NT/Win9x/W2K. And a lot off tools readily available on any flavour of UNIX make it easy to parse data into virtually any format or order you may need. Also, most RDBMS come with tools to load plain text data into its tables, take for an example ORACLE's SQLloader (sqlldr). As far as Linux is concerned, I'm not familiar with MySQL, but only with PostgreSQL, and one would possible need to generate a sql command file with a tool like sed or awk, and then just pipe it to the psql program in order to load the db. The main part in the job should be the pre-parsing of your files, the loading process should bea snap then.

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automated input into dB

by intergrow In reply to automated input into dB

This was a really good answer.
It provided overview, context (win vs nix) and then additional specific info (sqlldr, awk) to go look up.

gracio volker,

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