Automated Laptop Checkout Tool (Is there a Check In?)

By awillman ·
Is there something I'm missing with the laptop checkout tool that checks the laptops in? I remember reading it somewhere that you could generate graphs comparing the punctuality of laptop return between departments, so I would assume there would be a check in feature.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Automated Laptop Checkout ...

What program you talking Kemo Sabe?

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I see someone

by jdclyde In reply to Huh?

has been reading my posts today.... ;\

Must be another case of replying to a blog, but making a new discussion instead.

Been getting a lot of that lately.

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by awillman In reply to I see someone

No idea which post you're talking about.

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Sorry, Busy day.

by awillman In reply to Automated Laptop Checkout ...

If you search "Automated Laptop Checkout Tool" on this website, you'll find a download of "Automated Laptop Checkout Tool" which is an excel worksheet that uses macros to setup a checkout list of laptops in your company.

There is also a discussion on it that I was in once, but now I no longer can get to it, and a message comes up that says it's currently unavailable. (It's under Laptop Checkout Tool)

If I could get some help with this, it would be excellent, or if you guys know of a better program that would do the same thing, definitely let me know.

Thanks again.

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Newer Version

by awillman In reply to Automated Laptop Checkout ...

Upon closer inspection, I have concluded that the version I have (the one available for download) is outdated, and there is a thread titled "kick the tires on this new enhanced..." or something like that. In the thread they talk about a new version of the spreadsheet in which check-in's are possible, and there are even comments from satisfied downloaders. However, this download is nowhere to be found. I understand that 2004 was a long time ago, but the original release is still available, so why wouldn't the update be?

Oof, gettin' frustrated.

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