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Automatic Anti-Virus and Windows Updates

By RetAF ·
I work for a local school district as a technology assistant. I had all computers set up for automatic updates for both windows and anti-virus programs. Our teachers have enough worries without having to perform this simple chore everyday. However, we have certain personnel in our central office who want the teachers to be responsible for their classroom computers to include doing all updates manually. I am just curious as to what the real world is doing in their businesses. Are you setting up your computers for automatic updates or requiring each PC user to responsible for updating their own computers?

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actually depends on the system

by Jaqui In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

the more risk of malware the more likely for automatic updates.

but any server system I manually update.
sometimes updates have broken different seerver apps.

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Heres how I see things

by Choppit In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

In the case of Windows updates there's an argument for carrying out updates manually. It's a technical argument so may be best carried out by technical personnel.

In the case of AV, why burden your staff with updates when most (if not all) AV products can be updated automatically, or at least centrally?

Passing the responsibility of these functions to end users will put everyone at risk because end users generally do not see the bigger security picture.

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by JoTom102000 In reply to Heres how I see things

Its simple you and the department have to ask the question do these people even know how to do an update period.And if they dont whose responsible to fix the screw up your department is.So if your department has the end responsibility then the department needs to shoulder this and do your job thats why you are paid.

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by MCS-1 In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

Personally I think trouble starts when each person is responsible for their own PC. This is usually when problems start because somebody's buddy heard from a friend who read it on 'The Internet' (therefore it's gospel I guess) ... not to install Update 'such and such'. So, seeing how this fourth-party knows the score because they can write HTML ... it must be the truth - that's why whatever update in question never got installed and now there's a mass-mailer running rampant on the network.
I think system-level updates and whatnot should be handled by qualified people, and not individual users.
Now mind you ... most of these updates can be managed automatically, so there should never be too much human involvement anyway.

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Teachers are NOT techies

by deepsand In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

Anti-viral updates should absolutely being running automatically.

As for OS updates, if you, or someone else in your organization, have the expertise & time to control updates, then that person may wish to take responsibility for such.

Otherwise, you are well advised to go with updates being automatically downloaded & installed.

In general, teachers have neither the qualifications nor the time to provide for their own tech support. Left to themselves, you will soon find that updates are being done randomly, or not at all, with the result that you'll end up with a Tower of Babel.

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Automatic updates are good for antivirus

by AV . In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

But I wouldn't do it for windows updates. Especially not on the servers.

Many years ago I tried having users update their own computers. Most of them did it, but some never bothered. It worked then because viruses didn't come out everyday, but it wouldn't work today.

I have my virus software updated everyday automatically, but windows updates are still a manual process. I don't do them until I test the windows updates in my environment.

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Problem with our schools

by In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

The people in your central office are part of the problems with ours schools today. Unless the teacher is teaching a technical computer class, they have no business messing with the operating system which is what you are doing when updating anything. They are program users, not tech support. Then again, remember, the Central Office people ARE a product of our schools!

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Teachers should not be playing technician

by jordoncomp In reply to Problem with our schools

I am a tech for a large CA school district and technology services insist on automatic or pushed updates depending on the software.

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Teachers updating

by teacherbb In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

I also work in a school as lab instructor. I know if our district depended on the teacher's to update we would have more virus problems than could be repaired in the school year. Our technicians have enough challenges without the extra ones of repairing what the teachers do not understand.

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I Love SUS

by JTW-saintjoehigh In reply to Automatic Anti-Virus and ...

i both love and enjoy Software update services. i use it on my network with GP to do it at 3am automatically. if i trusted the teachers to do this i would NEVER catch up with the work requests. and TTC preforms the AV on its own.

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