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automatic computer lock mode

By michael.burgess ·
I have a windows 2003 server machine that keeps going into lock mode after a certain amount of inactivity .... i have unchecked the options in power and screensaver..

Ive looked everywhere for this option...

where is it?


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by voldar In reply to automatic computer lock m ...

Check here:

[User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon/Logoff]
Enable the following settings:
Disable Task Manager
Disable Lock Computer

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by sgt_shultz In reply to automatic computer lock m ...

maybe system policy can change it?
it's not a bug. it's a feature. users complain often about this one. server operators are supposed to understand security issues and be all alarmed and stuff. with the internet maturing, we really *should* be alarmed. leave server logged out. logged out. not 'in' as administrator like is so much easier...
because 'no security without physical security'. if user/server operator with gods rights walks away from computer and somebody else walks up to it while they are still logged in...defeats knowing who is doing what at anytime. none of it ever looks like anything but unnecessary hassle. until something goes wrong. rogue user usually. maybe from inside, maybe not. at that point, you will wish you understood a little bit more about authentication, rights and permissions...imho betcha
so, you say: but i do not want that much security. i only got a dinky little one room network here but i gotta use 2003 because, um, i gotta. microsoft let's me have blank passwords for admin for petes sake but i can't turn off this lock workstation thing? yep. i would try for free support on this one from ms by email or even phone. dip toes in policys. and ask ms what they suggest for dinky network ease of admin w/o sacrificing security.
also cannot help peanut gallery but imho you will save yourself a lot of time figuring this stuff out if you will buy and browse and read the set of ms books for getting your mcse2003 cert. you are not in kansas anymore with active directory, not to mention remote admin and other goodies. just getting stuff to work is not enuf anymore. it really never was anyhow. and these books are inexpensive and well written now imho. ms is spending on training us free. take advantage. put home page to and read all about it everyday. good luck and keep the windows updates applied.

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by mikex In reply to automatic computer lock m ...

Computer Configuration=>Windows Settings=>Security Settings=>Account Policies=>Password Policy:

Account Lockout Policy
Account lockout threshold
Account lockout duration
Reset account lockout counter after OR

Group Policy=> Default Doamin Policy=> Computer Configuration=> Windows Settings=> Security Settings=> Local Policies=> Security Options and disable the 'Amount of Idle time required before suspending sesson.

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by michael.burgess In reply to

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by michael.burgess In reply to automatic computer lock m ...

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