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By stpmds ·
i find that when connected to the net my pc,s modem (broadband) lights (incoming stream) blinks, indicating something is downloaded. many times either it is a windows automatic update, or norton automatic update, when the download is complete is complete, i am informed by a pop up.

is there any other way to check what is being downloaded before it completes downloading.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to automatic downloads

Both Norton's and Windows will have an Icon on the Task Bar telling what they are downloading.

In the case of Norton's it can only be downloading New Virus Definitions and it should look like a TV Mast with red signals flashing.

But with Windows it can be any/all new Critical Updates that have been released since you last updated the computer and the Icon is yellow and Shield shaped.


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by B_Pope In reply to automatic downloads

If you change both to manual updates then you can control what updates you actually receive. Then you can view them before installing & decide for yourself whether their needed or not.

I always disable any form of live updates as there both intrusive & very risky. Many updates turn out to be problematic, Microsoft updates most notably. AV software can be just as bad since your not just getting virus definitions but also program updates at the same time.

As an example one of Norton's recent updates installed a new live update service that you couldn't shutdown, if you did it would start up again next reboot. The only solution I found that worked was to search the registry & disable it there (don't attempt unless your well versed with the registry). Uninstall isn't a recommended option with any Norton product as it views uninstall as a form of piracy & runs counter measures.

With Microsoft they release updates, then a few weeks later updates to the updates. Not much fun if you got the first update & it toasted your install or caused random problems with your PC.

I control what has Internet access & when, for safe computing it's the only way.

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