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automatic e-mail routing?

By stacyben ·
We are a small company with three tech support personnel. Tech questions from our website are all sent through one e-mail address (tech@...). Right now, it has been my duty to check this box a couple times a day and distribute the e-mails evenly amongst the three tech support people. Is there anything inexpensive (read: CHEAP) we can use to do this task? Preferably something easy to modify slightly, in case one of the guys takes a vacation, etc.

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What's your configuration?

by Milvio In reply to automatic e-mail routing?

Tell me what e-mail are you using, is this a POP3 or you have a internal mail server? are the other 2 tech. pick up their e-mails in you computer or in their's? how do you know when a e-mail goes to whom?

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a little more info...

by stacyben In reply to What's your configuration ...

I work for an auto parts manufacturer, and we get email question on what part is right for their car, how to install a particular part, etc.

The techs argued when we had the head tech divide the emails, because the other two complained they got too many. So since I am the designated person to handle computer problems, they had me divide the emails.

We just need them routed evenly amongst the three, they all come on to a general address (tech@...) and we want them routed to their personal addresses from there (john@...., tommy@...., etc). They get their mail on their own computers.

We have POP3 accounts, Win2000 Server (no Exchange), and our website/ emails are through a hosting company. We are currently all using Outlook Express, but may be switching to Eudora soon (to hopefully cut down on viruses), if that matters at all.

Again, my budget is rather limited. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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