Automatic Installation Policy Problem? Could it be something else?

By JEG1985 ·
My company is starting to move over to our new network and we hit an odd problem with our automatic installation of software needed for the employees. When the user logs on, office is supposed to install but instead it just bypasses that part and loads the desktop like normal. It says installing office components for a just a fraction of a second and that's it but no go on the installation.

We learned that the domain admins don't get this problem, when we log on it all works like clockwise, only the domain users get it but the policy we have has the correct permissions for all users and the file path is correct. We have tried everything but the regular user profiles just won't install.

Any recommendations? Or possible fixes? We are running Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP for the workstations.

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check file permissions

by computechdan In reply to Automatic Installation Po ...

where the install is located..sounds like users don't have enuf rights to the folder where the install is located

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Domains Users get it?

by CG IT In reply to Automatic Installation Po ...

Typically in a domain environment, domain users are restricted from installing any software onto their desktops. Administrators can make software available to domain users through group policy [publishing or assigning the programs]. The installation takes place with credentials already configured.

If you are not a domain user, then you won't get the software because your not authorized to get it.

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