Automatic Laptop Backups

By andrew.samuel ·

We have several users who have laptops, and we want to be able to backup their my documents folder each time they connect to the domain.

At the moment they have 2 my documents folders (one on the local machine and one on the network). What we want to be able to do is move all their documents on to the laptop.

But then if the laptop dies, or it gets stolen, we will loose the documents.

We know we can use various tools to allow them to manually back up the files, and we know we can set times for backups to occur... but what we want to be able to do, is set it up so that each time the laptop is connected to the domain, it will backup automatically every time.

Does anyone know a way of doing this? It's causing me a headache!


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SyncToy is your answer . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Automatic Laptop Backups

Try this link:

On each login EACH directory will synchronise with the other.

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batch file on the network, shortcut to batch file in Startup folder

by Absolutely In reply to Automatic Laptop Backups

If they aren't connected to the network they will get a (harmless, I think) error message that the file cannot be found or the directory does not exist or something. But when they are connected to the network the link to the "copy C...\My Documents\*" script will execute and the directory contents will be backupped. I can never remember whether DOS uses cp and Unix uses copy or vice/versa, so...

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by andrew.samuel In reply to batch file on the network ...

I like the idea, but I know it will confuse our users if they have error messages pop up!

But it has given way to a train of thought for me... I could put the batch file (or equivelent) on the laptop that looks for the directory on the network... then with a clever use of an IF function, I could say something like...

"IF directory doesn't exist then exit ELSE copy directory"

Or something.


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Druvaa inSync

by pauljacobs In reply to Automatic Laptop Backups


you may want to take a look at

Interesting piece of software. It has some cool features like auto sync, browser-restore, infinite restore points ..

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