Automatic login to multiple computers using the same user


I am an IT administrator working for a school. I often need to login to 20 computers in the lab with the same user and password. I am looking for a way to run a script or command so that this is done automatically! Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Remote login?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Automatic login to multip ...

Do you need to login to these computers remotely? Are they running Windows XP?

Is Remote Desktop an option, or are you looking for a method to create these users automatically? Do you mean local user accounts or users on the server?

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Remote Login

by UGLOW In reply to Remote login?

Yes i would like to remotely execute a script so that i can log on using a generic user and password! The kids are 5 years old and all use the same username and password. All computers are running XP. User accounts are on a server (2003). At the present time i am using Remote Admin to login to each computer individually.

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by Jesus_C In reply to Automatic login to multip ...

downloading tweak ui on each pc.It has a setting that performs auto login

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by UGLOW In reply to try

Thanks, i have noticed this but unfortunately other users logon to these computers with different usernames + passwords. Any other ideas?

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Two Options (?)

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Automatic login to multip ...

Obviously you need to have a service running in the remote PCs while they are waiting for the user to press Ctrl-Alt-Del. The service could be RDP for Remote Desktop or the VNC Server, for example UltraVNC, at

If you use VNC and do not want to click the menu option to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to the remote PC(s) and then enter username and password, you would need to get the source code for VNC Client and modify it to do its thing automatically.

RDP and Remote Desktop: someone has thought about automating the login to a remote PC before, here is the link:

It is a Novell support forum and I cannot tell what scripting language is used. But at least you can use it as pseudo-code if you want to rewrite it in another language.

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