Automatic Multiple Simultaneous Logons Windows XP at Bootup

By pigalien ·

I have an old laptop with Windows Media Center XP Pro SP2. I have this connected to my TV and have configured the Primary Display to be my TV. Naturally, when the computer boots, it automatically starts Media Center and displays it on my TV.

Currently, I have installed VMWare Workstation on this same laptop and have created a virtual machine to run an XP guest OS so that I can run other programs such as Azureus, Miro, Orb and TV Tonic to automatically download new programming. I log into this virtual machine via VNC on my main laptop so that I can manage my downloads and media.

The problem is that this setup is excruciatingly slow and resource intensive. I want to get rid of the VMWare entirely.

I have installed a patch that allows multiple simultaneous Remote Desktop sessions on XP SP2 using Terminal Services, and this works excellently. With this setup, I can log in as another user on the same machine and run my programs in a separate user account without interfering with the Media Center, just as if my machine were running Windows Server.

However, if the machine reboots for any reason, only the primary user is logged in (using XP auto-logon). Therefore, if I am downloading any programs (which I always am), the download process gets interrupted if my machine reboots. Also, sometimes I wish to force a reboot and I don't want to have to manually log in on the other account and start up all of the programs.

So, my question is: Using XP Terminal Services as I am, can I automatically log on 2 different user accounts at startup? Is there a hack or a program or any kind of work-around I can use to accomplish this?

PS, my machine is an old single-core Athlon XP, so I can't use the VT extension to run VMWare at native speeds, or I would do that :)

Thanks for your help! Sorry for the long and wordy post, but I wanted to try and explain my situation as exactly as possible, as it seems to be a very unusual question.


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