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Automatic OCR Indexing

By zack.phierce ·

I am currently trying to make my office more efficient, I have batch scans of work orders with standardized text (work orders printed with new times roman font via dot matrix printers) what I am trying to do is be able to auto index these scans wich can be .TIFF / .PDF so that I can search for any given typed text on the work order and have it find that work order for my viewing. I have it pretty locked down using Microsoft Image / Fax viewer that comes intergrated with office'03 however I am lacking on the auto indexing portion and on the search reliability..

first off is what i'm trying to accomplish possible?

I have talked with adobe and they state ACROBAT CAPTURE will auto index these files and do what I want, however they do not have a trial program available for me to test with.

Anyone currently using this type of archiving and retrieval that can help me would be of a great help as I am getting burnt out on getting this done.

Thank you in advance for your time to read, if you need more information on what I'm trying to accomplish please feel free to contact me.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Automatic OCR Indexing

No I don't know but if Adobe say that one of their products will do the required job it most likely will. Their current products tend to work very well.

I've never needed this type of thing and so I don't know of any software that will do it but as you are working with PDF Files Adobe would be my first choice to look at.

I only answered this here as apparently you didn't get any responses the last time that you asked this question and I thought that someone else might have more knowledge about this than me. It appears that's not the case however.


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by zack.phierce In reply to

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by zack.phierce In reply to Automatic OCR Indexing

thanks for the response, yea i tend to beleive adobe when they say a product will perform, my real issue wich i just found out after speaking with adobe for 1hr.. = ) is how to auto ocr index, do you know of any way to kick off an auto indexing service for the ocr? or is that program specific, I am currently using microsoft image / fax viewer with office '03 wich works but i have to manualy click on the tiff files to have it OCR the batch scan.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Automatic OCR Indexing

The auto-OCR and indexing with Acrobat 7 is outstanding.

Given that the original docs are clean--free from visual noise--and the fonts consistent, the OCR engine is remarkably accurate, requiring little to no spell checking. It's the only OCR engine I have used that isn't a complete PITA.

Indexing is accomplished with well-formed XML.

Either can be setup as an application-wide preference or on a job by job basis.

This has been my experience under Mac OS X with several SOHO clients, so I honestly can't personally speak to how retrieval would work under MS Windows, yet it was recommended to me by a colleague who does use it successfully in MS environments.



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by zack.phierce In reply to

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by zack.phierce In reply to Automatic OCR Indexing

Figured it out, without purchasing any additional software, just whiped out a VB script to automate the process.

Thanks for your suggestions guys, greatly appreaciated.

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probably too late now but

by lemmego In reply to

It's been some time since you messed with this, but do you have that script handy? I'm trying to batch apply OCR to pull out control numbers from forms in TIFF format and record them with the document name (hopefully in excel). But don't know how to move forward without a macro record button...being able to dissect your script would be appreciated immensely,

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by zack.phierce In reply to Automatic OCR Indexing

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