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Automatic program removal

By Grizzlybear ·
I work for a school district, and the users have downloaded a program that allows them to spruceup there outlook bar. It appears to be affecting the way that outlook responds and is slowering down my exchange server. I would like to remove it automatically via my network, through some type of group policy or login script, etc... in such a way that it is totally transperent to them and will not allow them or anyone else to install it again. I hope someone can help, I would really appreciate it.

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Automatic program removal

by Joseph Moore In reply to Automatic program removal

I can't think of a remote uninstall program, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I did a fast search, though, and did not see anything useful. :-(

I would suggest that you manually carve out the program files this app installs, AND then go into the Registry and manually remove its Registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and/or HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

But to be honest, doing this might just cause more problems then you are experiencing.

I suppose you could also run APPSEC.EXE (from the Windows Resource Kit) and restrict the application from running on the client machines, but that also cause some headaches, not to mention APPSEC is not a remote utility; you have to touch each client machine with it.

So, I guess I don't have any real good suggestions for you, just a few ideas.

Good luck!

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Automatic program removal

by Grizzlybear In reply to Automatic program removal

Thanks Joseph, I appreciate the response. The steps I took to resolve this issue were to send out a memo to all Principals and Office Admins informing them of the issue and that we will have to remove this from all computers to return to normal operation of our exchange server. They responded with a resounding YES! Then I sent out instructions to all users on how to remove this from there computers and for those who do not have admin rights, that we would help them. Situation was very positiveand quick to say the least.

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