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Automatic Reactivation of Dynamic Disk

By fixerupper ·
Windows XP
I have an external SATA drive plugged into the USB port. It is configured as dynamic.
Each time the computer is reboot, the drive needs to be reactivated through the disk management console.
Is there any way to have this automatically reactivated during the windows startup sequence?
Would it be different if it was a Basic disk?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Automatic Reactivation of ...

what brand/model usb drive? i would look this up on their website.

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by fixerupper In reply to Automatic Reactivation of ...

This is an external enclosure, containing a Western Digital 200 Gig SATA HDD

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Pseudo-automatic with a bit of work

by athens.springer In reply to Automatic Reactivation of ...

At a command line type in "Diskpart". You will see a command like:
Now type in "list disk"
You will see a list of disks on your system and if your dynamic disk is currently offline it will have a status of "offline" and probably just a number under the Disk ### column. Other disks you will notice will be named "Disk" then their number such as "Disk 10". Once you figure out which is the one that you want type in "select disk<number>".
You will now see:
"Disk <number> is not the selected disk."
Now simply type in "online".
Once the disk is online you can type exit.
Now that you are familiar with the commands and what they do, create a text file, put the commands into it, rename the extension .bat and put it in your startup folder or leave a convenient link to it on your desktop. The commands inside the batch file would look like this:

select disk9

If a disk is online it is referred to with a space between "disk" and that disks number as follows:
Disk 9
But if a disk is offline (that state you are concerned with) it will be:

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Command does not complete

by IT_Enthusiast In reply to Pseudo-automatic with a b ...

When I start up my computer, the command prompt autmatically pops upand performs only the first command. I had performed the steps that you listed earlier. I even tried to include the 'list disk' command. Please help.

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by sam.claret In reply to Command does not complete

use command diskpart /s script.txt and put the rest of the lines in script.txt.

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Thanks a million!

by IT_Enthusiast In reply to Diskpart

You're a life saver. Thanks for the tip!

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Help about diskpart

by IT_Enthusiast In reply to Diskpart

I created both the batch file and the script.exe file and I placed them both in the startup folder. The problem is now when the pc starts up both files are loaded but the and the bath file does not execute the commands in the script.exe file. I would have to close them and manually open the .bat file and it works.
My question is, how do I tell diskpart where to find the .txt file or where do I put the .txt file (not in startup foleder I assume) so it can execute the commands in it when the .bat file is loaded on startup?

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Diskpart script

by sam.claret In reply to Help about diskpart

Well the command would read
diskpart /s "c:\scripts\script.txt"

The double quotes would only be if you had spaces in it........

You should only have one thing in the startup folder and that would be the just the bat file with the diskpart command in it.


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