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Automatic regestry editer

By randbgood ·
Hi I'm Randy
I realy need to find a free or very inexpencive automatic regestry editer, one that will check to see what has been uninstalled and what is currently installed. It seems to keep some entries of old programs ie; old aol entries are still in the reg and so on. Thank you!

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by Bobsta In reply to Automatic regestry editer

Hi Randy,
Price seems very reasonable. Check the REG Mechanic link for registry problems.

Otherwise search for REGFIX on the Net, I cant help much since I dont know what Operating system you're using.

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by Lizzy In reply to Automatic regestry editer

EasyCleaner can be downloaded from Look there for freeware downloads for the registry.
This one works on various Windows OS's. has regmon.exe and ntregmon.exe for monitoring registries.

Reghance.exe from can help you work with your registry and also identify suspicious keys there. Please remove any spaces from the pasted link.

The first answer is also a good utility. The site is great for tips and tricks also. They have a great newsletter for registry tweaks.

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by cglrcng In reply to Automatic regestry editer

WinDr which is on Norton SystemWorks 2002 Pro w/ Utilities (e-bay usually around $20.00 w/ a yr. of AV updates and all the utilities), is the best I've found, or Perfect Companion from (also has a start menu editor that is so easy it's scary)....30 free trial. (also has NTPerfect for NT, 2000 & XP).

Good Luck.

PS any questions about using Perfect Companion, I have about 5 yrs. experience w/ the tool, though I have no relation to the distributors of it. Just have used it a long time. But if the customer will buy Norton SystemWorks I use WinDR.

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by wlbowers In reply to Automatic regestry editer

There are several programs on the market that claim to be cleaners.

What ever you buy, before you turn it loose on your computer, make a backup of your data and programs.

Use the setting that requires the most user intervention.

I have seen computers that have been cleaned to the point that they required a reload of the os.


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