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Automatic rule does not forward original header info in Outlook Express

By bbarbour ·

I use outlook express and have a rule set where any emails that come to my primary email account, except from certain addresses, are automatically moved to a folder and then forwarded to another email address. When the rule forwards the email, it strips the header from the original sender and makes it appear that it comes from the receiving account. For example:

My primary account is "". Let's say that sends an email to My automatic rule will take joe's email, place it in my "press" folder and then forward it off to When Jane gets the email and opens it, the header of the email shows that is was sent from and the header that shows it was originally from is missing.

Now, if I remove the automatic rule and manually forward the email to Jane, the email will contain the original header from and show that it was forwarded from

Is there a setting or toggle that I can select so that when I use the automatic rule, the original header from will appear? The original header is only missing when an email is forwarded via my automatic rule. Or, is this a case where there is no fix and that if I use an automatic rule to forward an email, the original header will never be posted?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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