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    automatic update


    by ldap_pro ·

    hi all

    i just move users from being admins in their
    computer, to just users.
    now automatic updates will work only if admin
    is loging on.
    i dont have a server to be a sus.
    what can i do to allow updates to run?
    can sus be on xp machine?

    thanks aki

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      by liame ·

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      Giving local admin rights goes against the grain for me by solves a lot of headaches, at least in the short term. Some applications require it to function properly. So take your pick…. up to date pc but vulnerable as an admin is logged on or out of date pc and vulnerabilities from that. I’d go for the up to date PC’s to be honest… and then if necessary lock the PC down with something list 1st Security Pro.

      MS have noticed this flaw and have done something about it in Vista – but thats a way off yet.

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      by b.curl ·

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      Don’t use automatic updates some updates will prevent you from access to the internet.

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      by jordanspcrepair ·

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      well you could just log onto the administrator account and install the updates, but that would be a pain in the butt if you have to install the updates on alot of computers. you could also do the sus client on xp.

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