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Automatic update of Norton Anti-Virus de

By edrox ·

we have a Novell 4.2 network with ZENWorks 2.0 full version.
We run Norton Anti-Virus 5.0 for NT/98 Workstation.
We want to update our anti virus definitions when they are updated, but we don't want to do it every time, only when the definitions on the workstation are outdated.

Is there a way to do this using a ZENWorks application object with versions stamps, or is there an easier way?

Anybody is experienced in this?
At the moment we just have the following line in our login script:
This executes a batch file which copies the new definition files, and activates them.
This happens all the time and is no solution we can activate every day in the login script.

Anybody any ideas which might help me?

Thanks in advance,

Eduard de Vries

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Automatic update of Norton Anti-Virus de

by swilliam In reply to Automatic update of Norto ...

here's how we do it with zen 2 and norton av 5 -

1. edit the container login scripts to run the zen application explorer at login (nalexpld.exe)

2. create an application object that points to the virus definition executable you download from symantec's site. set the object as force run, run once and give it a version stamp number (i.e. 1). this will force the new definitions down automagically after the application explorer loads, and it will only do it one time. i would also recommend setting the command line parameter of /q which will perform a silent install. associate the object with all the containers the users are in.

3. when you download a new update, edit the application object to reference the new executable file. then increment the version stamp number (i.e. from 1 previously to 2). this will then trigger the new update to be automagically pushed to the users.

we are using this with great success with over 2500 desktops. if you want more info feel free to email me. hope this helps!

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Automatic update of Norton Anti-Virus de

by edrox In reply to Automatic update of Norto ...

Perfect, I will test this afternoon or tomorrow.
Thanks a lot,

Eduard de Vries

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