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automatic update = unhappy users

By tech06 ·
For the users who do not have administrator's right, the Windows Update is set to download and installed automatically at 3am (default) everyday. When they return in the morning and boot the computer, Windows will prompt them to restart the computer if an update has been installed. For some, the message came up when the users are away from the desk and the computer restart itself after 15 seconds. As a result, some of their unsaved work are lost and they are not happy about it. Is there way to overcome this issue? Since they're allowed to manually install those updates, they have no control over when to restart the pc. Please advise.


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automatic update = No!

by curlergirl In reply to automatic update = unhapp ...

This is one of the many reasons we don't allow users on the networks we administer to run automatic updates this way. All workstations on the network have automatic updates turned off, or we have them set to update from a local server (through group policies). We either deploy the updates manually on a schedule (on really small networks) or set up one of the servers as a WSUS server so that we can control when the updates are deployed and how the reboots are handled. Look into WSUS - it really does have a lot of advantages, not the least being that you can test the updates and make sure they don't do some of these wierd things like forcing a reboot before you deploy to the entire network.

Hope this helps!

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Good call...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to automatic update = No!

I have to agree - WSUS is the best (free) method available. You can however get get 'paid for' alternatives.

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I don't believe in automatic

by mjd420nova In reply to automatic update = unhapp ...

Seems that automatic is a sure way to get in trouble. I prefer to chose when and if I want to up date. The MacAfee security suite that comes with comcast says it's not a good idea but I want to retain some control. I've not experienced any faults after updating, this version of WINXPHOMESP2 has been running non stop for over a year now and not one lockup, hiccup or BSOD yet. Cross my fingers, knock on wood. It even had my eathquake warning this morning when I got up at 530A. I wondered why the cat jumped on the bed with no toy. He didn't realize the water bed was shaking more than the floor.

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WSUS and Ooops Damnit

by CG IT In reply to automatic update = unhapp ...

Just today, one of my new customers with a new Windows Server called saying that at 4:45pm everyone on the network got a lost connection error message at the same time while they were working. Wouldn't one know it, but the Accounting department was finishing up with work and saving. The culprit? WSUS and my setting update installs to 4:45pm instead of 4:45 AM [could have sworn I set it at 4:45am]. I installed the new server on May 20th [after the May critical updates came out] so it took almost a month before Ooops Damnit. WSUS did everything it was supposed to. New critical updates were installed and the server rebooted just like I have it setup to do. Simple fix to change the time in WSUS and volia! updates don't happen during the day.

Might consider using WSUS instead of the Windows Update. Then you have some control over when and where updates are installed along with issuing a warning to users.

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by gpastorelli In reply to WSUS and Ooops Damnit

Another great reason to use WSUS, you save your internet bandwidth. Updates are downloaded once from the internet and then downloaded from the local server to the workstations.

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automatic update = unhappy users

by vikas.80 In reply to automatic update = unhapp ...

Open the gpedit.msc

1. Go to Administrative Templates
2. Click on that
3. Go to Windows Components
4. then Go to Windows Update
5. No auto restart for schedule automatic updates
6. Double click on that and make it enable

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