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Automatic Web Site Monitoring Software

By juntech ·


Thanks for your interest.

l. Setup many web site monitoring and testing view, can create

monitoring structure automatically.

2. Keep continuous monitoring of thousands of web pages,automatically judge correctness of page content/link and service

level. Esp., according to predefined keywords, judge page contents.

3. Intelligently understand page contents and store into database.

4. Create monitoring report and graph.
5. Trigger and record alarms of pages, which can't meet service,

level agreement.

6. Provide large-throughput concurrent function and stress test, find

out application bottleneck, determine maximum users (breaking point).

7. Most important, WebDaemon not only monitors and tests web pages,

but mimics real actions of a user. That means customer's series

action like login/select goods/put into cart/check out/logout.

8. Pure Java products.


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