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Automatically add email addresses to Contacts Folder from email in Inbox

By trahim ·
Is ther a way to go through the Inbox folder and add email addresses to the Contacts Folder without opening each email individually? Maybe a script or some Outlook function...

A user has over 50,000 emails (**sigh**) but does not have any of them as a contact. Deleting an email would delete that contact for her.

Thank you.

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I feel your pain

by malcolmphoenix In reply to Automatically add email a ...

Don't know of an automated way to do it, but you (or your email hoarder) could sort the Inbox by sender, then scroll through it with the reading pane open and when she comes across a contact to be saved, right click the address in the reading pane and select Add to Outlook Contacts.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Automatically add email a ...

I am not sure if this will help?
If not, I know you can buy 3rd party products to do this, not sure of their effectiveness though.
If you had them in an Excel spreadsheet you could script it, but I don't know of any scripts to pull from the Inbox.

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Here's how to get the addresses out

by neilb@uk In reply to Automatically add email a ...

You would need to download and install Outlook Redemption which is a library of mailbox manipulation stuff.

The following script will pull out all of the inbox mails and print out sender name and address for all those addresses containing '@' to get rid of internal ones.

What you do with them then is an interesting point as I've not playes with the Redemption Address Book stuff yet.

' ---------------------------------------------
Set oNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
sUserName = oNetwork.UserName
Set oNetwork = Nothing
sMailServer = "Your Mail Server"
Set oSession = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
oSession.LogonExchangeMailbox sUserName, sMailServer
Set cMailFolders = oSession.Stores.DefaultStore.IPMRootFolder.Folders
For Each oMailfolder In cMailFolders
If Trim(oMailfolder.Name) = "Inbox" Then
Set cMessages = oMailFolder.Items
For Each oMessage in cMessages
If instr(oMessage.senderemailaddress, "@") > 0 then
sAddress = oMessage.SenderEmailAddress
sName = oMessage.SenderName
wscript.echo sName & vbtab & sAddress
End If
End If
Set oSession = Nothing

Neil :)

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