Automatically restart

By kartiksharma86 ·
There was an problem with my computer
at Saturday, i am systematically shutdown my pc but at the morning, i was not able to open it.
Please Help me.

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need more info

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Automatically restart

We'll need a whole lot more information than that to help diagnose the problem.

For example, what happens when you try to turn it back on? What operating system are you running? Was the cord plugged in? And, anything else you can think of to tell us about what you see. You have to be our eyes and ears.

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i am giving you more info.

by kartiksharma86 In reply to need more info

When I turn it back on then system was start properly but before welcome page it restarts.
I was afred what's going on, i am not able to open os in safe mode also, perhaps i am using windows XP pro. I don't know what happen to my system please help me out.

Thanks & regards

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please state the

by jinfei01212003 In reply to Automatically restart

please state the whole issues regarding pc shutdown... cant relate to the issues..... have you heard any beep sounds for example.... is it totally black out?

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No, There is no any beep

by kartiksharma86 In reply to please state the

I don't think it's any kind of hardware fault because i can't hear any beep or that kind of thing. When i open my pc before welcome screen it's restart automatically.
I think it's the windows prblem, can you suggest me what would i do.

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Try either

by ComputerCookie In reply to No, There is no any beep

a command line restore or inplace installation!

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