Automatici Backup of Laptop to a mapped drive on Windows Server

By rc ·
I am needing a backup software with an agent that I can load on multiple laptops that will automatically kickoff a backup to a mapped drive to a Windows 2003 server, when it connects to our LAN. I have several people that work in the field and I want to backup their laptops automaticallly when they come in to the office and connect to the network. Any Suggestions?

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Try Robocopy GUI,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Automatici Backup of Lapt ...

a shortcut on the desktop could run the script.

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An old fashioned alternative

by Jacky Howe In reply to Automatici Backup of Lapt ...

:: Backup Utility

You could copy and save this Batch file to the root directory on the PC's and call it from your logon script as long as the Drive is Mapped for the user it should work. You can use either %COMPUTERNAME% OR %USERNAME%. You will have to modify it to suit your needs.

@echo off
:: variables
set drive=S:\%USERNAME%
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /k /y

if not exist "%drive%\%USERNAME%" mkdir "%drive%\%USERNAME%"

:: echo ### Backing up My Documents...
if not exist "%drive%\My Documents" mkdir "%drive%\My Documents"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents" "%drive%\My Documents"

echo ### Backing up email and address book (Outlook Express)...
if not exist "%drive%\Address Book" mkdir "%drive%\Address Book"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book" "%drive%\Address Book"
if not exist "%drive%\Outlook Express" mkdir "%drive%\Outlook Express"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities" "%drive%\Outlook Express"

echo ### Backing up email and contacts (MS Outlook)...
if not exist "%drive%\Outlook" mkdir "%drive%\Outlook"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" "%drive%\Outlook"

:: echo ### Backing up the Registry...
:: if not exist "%drive%\Registry" mkdir "%drive%\Registry"
:: if exist "%drive%\Registry\regbackup.reg" del "%drive%\Registry\regbackup.reg"
:: regedit /e "%drive%\Registry\regbackup.reg"

:: use below syntax to backup other directories...
:: %backupcmd% "...source directory..." "%drive%\...destination dir..."

if not exist "%drive%\Data" mkdir "%drive%\Data"
%backupcmd% "C:\Data" "%drive%\Data"


You can update all of the Workstations at once using this technique.

Create and run this from the file server. You will need 2 files. The first one is the .bat the second is a text file with a list of workstations that you need to add to in the same format.
C:\test is a folder on the File Server, place the file that you want copied in there. If the file exists on the Workstation it will be overwritten.

File 1 = copyto.bat

FOR /F " tokens=1 " %%i in (WS.txt) do copy C:\test\*.* "%%i\C$"

Put your files that you want copied into a folder EG: c:\test

File 2 = WS.txt


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Software Agent

by rc In reply to An old fashioned alternat ...

Does anybody know of a good Backup Software I could use that would utililze an agent on the laptops and search for the LAN connection and automatically start a backup. Due to the short times of the engineers in the office, I would only like to do delta changed backups. I think Symantec Backup Exec 12 will do it but also wanted to see if anybody knew anything else.

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I can't help you there

by Jacky Howe In reply to Software Agent

as I only use NTBackup for the File Servers and that Batch File that will do an incremental Backup after the first run if I need something from a Workstation. Which I might add is a rarity. :)

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Check out SourceForge

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to Automatici Backup of Lapt ...

Check out the backup tools offered on SourceForge at

You'll have to look through the the results to determine which solution is best for your. Please note that many tools offered here are for Linux/UNIX, but there are many Windows-based tools tool.

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Backup for on-Field Users ?

by pauljacobs In reply to Automatici Backup of Lapt ...

Try -

It takes secure automated backup for LAN/VPN/WAN users.

Uses data deduplication to save only a single copy of duplicate emails/documents and save over 90% bandwidth/storage.

(Part of Druvaa Team)

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remote backups

by Jay217 In reply to Automatici Backup of Lapt ...

What happens if the system breaks/lost/stolen in between backups? It may be a better option to get a remote back up solution and configure it for each user. Something like carbonite for example.

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