automating a tcpip printer install?

By Cverbs ·
As part of a Win 7 rollout I'm looking to install a tcp-ip printer in over 1000 locations. Each location has it's own network address and the printer must end with a .125 ie In the past the organization has installed the printer as part of a thick image and then using the %ipnet% variable they added it to lmhosts. Now they are going to use SCCM and task sequence to deploy the OS. My question is how can I have the printer install with the local network address with a .125 client address as part of the install? Any help is appreciated


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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

What kind of printer?

Can you set the IP address of a printer with SCCM?

Are these printers going to be defined on a server or stand-alone on a network?

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GP or Powershell

by Seonix In reply to automating a tcpip printe ...

Do each of your locations have some form of separation in Active Directory e.g. a configured site, security group or OU?
You can set it to be added via group policy. The initial work may be a bit time consuming but once it's in you're sorted.

The other option is to run a powershell script to do it during the task sequencing within SCCM. I don't know the exact commands off the top of my head but at a logical level I would imagine you'd need to do the following:
- Get IP address of the OS machine
- Set printer IP as the same but with .125 as the last octet.
- Add the printer, referencing the printer IP variable.

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Had the same challenge, overcome it with the wonderful Printui.dll

by . Avi In reply to automating a tcpip printe ...

This documentation helped me
http://www.robvanderwoude .com/2kprintcontrol.php .com/kb/18**05 .com/en-us/library/ee624057(v=ws.10).aspx

also you might want to set a SCCM Task Sequence variable to get the printer IP in each site.

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Cant select answer

by Cverbs In reply to automating a tcpip printe ...

I'm trying to select one of these as the answer but I keep getting an error "The user must be the same as the user that asked the question!" I am logged in as myself.......

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