Automating file downloading and sending?

By eclopton ·
I would like to download a file from the company we do payroll with and send it to our parent company every sunday at midnight. How or what would i need to do this? Im fairly new to the whole IT thing, my background is PC hardware/software related. This is my first office related IT job. Any input would help!


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How do you do it manually

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Automating file downloadi ...

email, FTP, WEB ?

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by eclopton In reply to How do you do it manually

we download it via browser and will be sending it via email

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Well both of those are doable depending what you

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to WEB

want to automate with.
Command file, a little VB program or python or almost anything.

Is the file always the same name
or date based so you can calculate it
Or do you get a list of available files and click on one

Then once you've downloaded it to a known path and location you can call a mail api an attach . you might want to email yourself in the event of a failure of some sort

Then you'd use your scheduler to execute this at the appropriate time.

The user the scheduled task runs as will need access to the web page, and an email account.

Suggest you pick something to automate with and start learning how to do the individual bits.

If you get stuck with those someone here or google will no doubt be able to help.

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something free?

by eclopton In reply to Well both of those are do ...

id like to automate with something free? id like to experiment with something free and simple at first. i dont know alot about vb scripting but would like to learn. so if you know of any programs or sites that have instructions or what not let me know.

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Not my Forte that (VB)

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to something free?

Post another question there are plenty of experiemced admins on here

Scripting for Windows admins, what should I use?

They could probably help you with this as well, once you get down to cases.

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Question 2

by eclopton In reply to Automating file downloadi ...

different question but same topic. how would i automate my server back ups? i pack up to tapes. the problem im running into in an automated setup is it looks for a named tape. my back up tapes are named with the day they where backed up...

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Might have to re-think that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Question 2

google backup tape strategy, there's a popular strategy called grandfather, father, son

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small corp...

by eclopton In reply to Might have to re-think th ...

we are actually kinda small. we dont back up much at all. we do daily back ups and have 15 of each tapes. we simply just cycle thru them keeping it to where if we needed to we could go back a week. im trying to make it to where i can insert the tapes when i come in in the morning and have the servers back up to them at noon. then i take em out when i leave.

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