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    Automating Macintosh Shares


    by bbird ·

    Does anybody know of a way to automate
    creating a directory share for Macintosh
    and setting permissions (something
    similar to the RMTSHARE or CACLS

    Currently I use File Manager | MacFile to
    set the share points for each user home
    directory individually and would like to
    batch process this.

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      Automating Macintosh Shares

      by mcessna ·

      In reply to Automating Macintosh Shares

      I’ve necer tried to do this for the Macs but here’s the Technet KB article from MS that explains the command line and parrameters for the MACFILE command.

      Using MACFILE to Administer Services for Macintosh [Q148128]
      here’s a quick clip of the command:
      macfile server [/server:\\computername] [/maxsessions:number |
      unlimited][/loginmessage:message][/guestsallowed:[true | false]]

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