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Automating Microsoft Client Install

By jrandom42 ·
Got an ugly problem. Am working to set up WUS on our network and all the server side stuff went well. What the problem is, is that this Novell network does NOT have the Microsoft Client for Networks installed on the client systems. Is there any way to automate or script the install of the Microsoft client for all 2000 systems?

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Automating Microsoft Clie ...

Unless you have some compelling reason to use it, I strongly recommend against installing the MS Client for netware networks. It is (deliberately) crippled. Novell's client32 for netware is much preferred (Novell Client4.90/SP2, from I don't know how much the install can be automated, but I do know you can customize the installer files with your local settings (protocol, preferred server, file cache settings, LDAP lookup, etc) so that the install goes quickly. Once installed, the Novell client cna be told to periodically look for and install updates.

You didn't mention which version of NetWare you are using. Version 6.x offers CIFS, which can be configured to make the NetWare server appear as a Windows server, so that your users will simply find it as they browse the network. Perhaps this is a workable option for you as well.

If you do install the novell client, and don't make the changes in the script/ini files, be sure to do a "custom" install and only use the protocol that your server is using. Otherwise, performance suffers.

Hope this helps.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Automating Microsoft Clie ...

yes, i only have tiny experience on netware but read lots and agree with bud, don't put this on unless it fixes something you gotta have. in novell land it is best practices to not use the ms client. and there are plently of ways around using wus that don't look too bad. check out all the articles about it here and especially from horses mouth: and wus don't work on plenty of other scenarios so folks have perfected the workarounds.
i expect it would go something like this: let the server go ahead and download the updates into os specified folders. at login (or -?), script checks to see if anything in the folder for this computer's os and if so then downloads it and executes it. i would ask for help with this from novell. or see if good 3rd party product and try to throw money at it

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by erikdr In reply to Automating Microsoft Clie ...

Well, sorry for the first 2 answers. They're perfectly valid (and I'd agree with them) but for a different question. You were asking for the MS Client (NetBEUI /DDNS) not to connect to NetWare but to WUS, which runs through a central Windows server. And that's a different MS client...

MS does offer scripted install of Windows with this client as one of the options, but that's apparently not what you want because the machines are already stable and installed.
The only solution I can think of is a snapshot, made with a tool like ZENWorks or maybe even the free SysDiff. Put some fake machine name in the snapshot, then afterwards you still need to change that into the right name manually or through some scripting (maybe even copying the machine name which is stored elsewhere in the registry for the sake of the Novell client).

At your service,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

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