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    Automating SQLServer2000 DB maintenance in single user mode


    by paultinnz ·

    We have a job that does the ‘standard DB maintenance’ ie “EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_sqlmaint N’-PlanID E4AB00A1-28E3-4A08-947F-61E6DD75D4B9 -To “Owen Evans” -Rpt “d:\data\MSSQL\LOG\DB Maintenance Plan12.txt” -WriteHistory -CkDBRepair ‘” from within normal Enterprise Manager.

    However, I’m getting a message saying I need to do this in single user mode.

    Not a problem to do manually! However, I want to modify the Maintenance Job to automate.

    for example:
    Step1…stop Sqlsrvr
    Step2…start Sqlsrvr -m
    Step3…start the maintenance job <

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