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    Automation for installing software


    by diazolidineyl ·

    I’m a PC technician at a local highschool and one of my many duties it to install software. Most of the installation files are located on a server share. Typically I just run the setup.exe and enter the serial/registration number manually as well as the organization etc. There was one software company (clean slate) that had information for repeated installations I simply edited an .ini file specifying such paramters as automatic reboot and enters the serial number for you. Now my question – is there a way I can create a script or modify an .ini for any program? If so here would be some possible answers : generic examples or resources where I can quickly learn to do this. Another question I have is – Virtual CDs. I had to install software (3 cds) to a whole lab one by one. I tried a few trial versions of software either it was needed to be installed on all computers or limited in its abilities are there any freeware virtual cd programs out there for this?

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