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Autoprotect disabled

By manohar1008 ·
I have original symantec antivirus 10.Though i daily update it from symantec website,the autoprotect gets automatically disabled, even if i force enable it, it disables again,

so please can u tell me what's the problem?

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Maybe it's got a virus

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Autoprotect disabled

If Symantec manufactured toilet paper, I'd adopt the Arab technique and utilise pebbles in a bucket of sand.

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Only two possible options here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Autoprotect disabled

1 It's broke and can no longer be trusted to do what is was purchased to do so it needs stripping out cleaning the computer/s that it's on and reloading or

2 It's been attacked and successfully infected which disables the exact thing that it was purchased to do so it needs stripping out the computer/s that it's installed on need cleaning and then you need to reinstall the software.

Because Symantec is one of the big providers they are targeted more and with heaver forms of attack to disable their products. Like all of the Big Players in the AV Game they are Easy Targets who's products are well known and easily circumvented. If you want a better level of security you need to use a Multi Prong Approach with some lesser known products. Of course when these lesser known products get widely adopted they will be in the same boat as products like Symantec are now.


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Multi prong approach

by jdclyde In reply to Only two possible options ...

years ago, I learned a lesson about what happens when you install more than one AV package at once (I was testing different vendors and learned real quick, get rid of the old before adding the new).

Is that as much of an issue these daze?

Do you run multi AV?

Symantecs site has really gone down hill over the last two years. used to be a good resource for finding out about viruses and how to remove them manually, but now it is just a big ad for their other non-AV packages. Think they are moving away from the AV as their flagship?

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