By .Martin. ·
now my question here is not very difficult, but it has truly stumped me...

i have made a radiation PowerPoint Presentation (using 2007, but saved in 1997 - 2003 format) for my physics class, now this is burnt onto a CD, which I am having great difficulty making and working autorun for (I have been using a CD-RW for testing) so i have two files, the PowerPoint Presentation (Radiation Assignments.pps), and an image which i want to use as an icon (Radio.ico). my script is as follows:
open=Radiation Assignments.pps

all in a setup information file named autorun.inf
but, whenever I insert the CD, the image is that of an unknown file, and whenever you try to access the CD (double click D\:) the message D\: is not a valid Win32 Application.

all i want the auto run to do is display the 16x16 image instead of the CD icon, and to automatically open the presentation.

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This is easier

by Jacky Howe In reply to Autorun

There is a feature in Office Powerpoint 2007 that will allow you to Package your Presentation to CD. Open your presentation, click on the Orbit, click on Publish and select Package for CD.
Autorun.inf is created and the Viewer is included. It is also backward compatable.

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not exactly working

by .Martin. In reply to This is easier

first off the suggestion is great, but it makes it hard when the steps taken do not allow active-x controls, something which i need, this also did not solve my icon problem.

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See how you go with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to not exactly working

open=PPTVIEW.EXE /L "playlist.txt"

Keep your Icon in the Root of the CD.

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What was the outcome :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Autorun
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by .Martin. In reply to What was the outcome :)

Still didn't work, ended up having to had it in before I could try anything else...

Was really odd, used the same autorun (with some minor changes) that I always use, and this is the first time it hasn't worked

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The only problem :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to strange

that I had was the M$ Agreement the first time that it ran.
Once it was excepted you could run it whenever you liked on that PC.

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