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Autorun and/or Setup Doesn't Work

By McIntyreM ·
I'm not sure what is going on lately, but I recently reintalled Windows XP Home on my laptop. It seemed to be working for for a while, but now about 50% of the time the Autorun or Setup files do not run when I put a new CD in my drive. For instance, I wanted to install my Kensington Mouseworks program and when placed the CD in the drive nothing happened; then, when I double-clicked on the Setup file that is on the CD nothing happened. Secondly, I am also trying to install Microsoft ActiveSync. I have tried doing this two ways, from the CD that I have, or by downloading the newest version and using it. Either way, it extracts the files to some unknown location, then does nothing. When I search for the files that it extracted, I can't find them. I also have some computer games (like MS Age of Mythology) that it does this same thing with. However, I don't experience this problem with all programs. Does anyone have any idea of how to deal with this problem, without having to do another reinstall? I will appreciate any help that someone can give me. Thank you very much.

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by coolsreez In reply to Autorun and/or Setup Does ...

You can try the steps given below to enable autorun:
Go to my Computer->rightclick on your drive->properties->AutoPlay

If that does not help you, try the steps below.

Open up regedit, and go to
Look for the key 'AutoRun', and toggle between 1 for 'Enable' and 0 for 'Disable'.

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by McIntyreM In reply to

Both of the options that you explained are already activated.

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by Murray Brydon In reply to Autorun and/or Setup Does ...

Have you checked that you have full administrator access as it sounds like that could be your problem. The best way to do this is to go to Start -> Run and put in:
control userpasswords2
this will bring up the other version of the users control panel so you can see which users are set up and what access they have.

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by McIntyreM In reply to

When I entered this program in the Run box, I received an error message saying that this program is not found. Are you sure this program is available for XP Home? Also, I am the only user on this computer, it's my personal laptop. There was no request to enter an Administrator password. I don't have this problem with all programs. Why would it act up on some and not others?

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by JRod86 In reply to Autorun and/or Setup Does ...

Do you have a wireless card installed? Some drivers or utilities have actually interfered with the CD drive (IBM T22's and the Cisco Aironet Client Utility). Once the wireless connection is made, the utility can be uninstalled.

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by McIntyreM In reply to

Sorry, wireless access had nothing to do with this problem. The answer for this problem is the following, which I got from another forum:

"How is browsing on the web?
in Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs, do you see things like Cool Web Search, Ebates, Web helpers, other stuff you don't recognise? what happens if you Remove that stuff?
can you boot into Safe Mode and see if it seems to affect this problem?
do you have anything in the system event logs?
i know it doesn't sound related but to me your symptom of works fine for a while with fresh install sounds like spyware and/or viruii. how is your protection? if your antivirus is up to date i would download and install Ad-Aware SE personal from
then update it. then turn off system restore and boot in Safe Mode and run it. then maybe reboot and run it again in Safe Mode. but probably then just reconnect to internet and boot normally and run it again. (until 2 completely clean reports, see?) then post back any persisent infections. try using Safe Mode with Networking to download it
remember to turn back on system restore."

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by McIntyreM In reply to Autorun and/or Setup Does ...

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