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    AutoRun/Autoplay on servers


    by bfeltus ·

    Our servers are secure in a locked room. Have to have a code to get in.

    I am told we do not have to worry about disabling autoplay because the servers are secure.

    Any thoughts on this reasoning will be appreciated. Thanks.

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      by bfeltus ·

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      My $0.02

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on servers

      I ALWAYS disable autoplay on servers.

      Remember the SONY rootkit debacle? Just because somebody stuck in a music CD while they worked, autoplay installed a rootkit that nobody knew about.

      On my server? No thanks.

      At least if autoplay is disabled, I must make a deliberate effort, not just a mistake.

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      by patb071 ·

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      I would say disabling auto run would be more of an issue with users PCs, However you would be adding another thin layer of security by putting it on a server. I would say disable autorun.

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      shut it down

      by mafergus ·

      In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on servers

      It’s quick, easy and there isn’t a downside.

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      That Idea doesn’t work for me

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on servers

      There are still people who have access to the servers and even if they are the IT Pro’s they can still make a mistake and plug in something that they immediately know that they have done wrong. This always happens when there is a [b]Rush On[/b] and [i]normal[/i] processes are not followed because there is not the time to [u]waste.[/u]

      Not to mention a Secure Server Room is great but I had one a while ago where the LAN was down and not working. The Office Manager insisted that the problem had to be elsewhere so I messed around all day only to find that a Cleaner had been in the Server Room after hours and broken a Patch lead [i]They probably caught it on something and dragged it out of the socket.[/i] But rather than tell anyone what had happened they went to a place in the building with some spare Patch Leads and replaced the one that they broke. Most likely trying to be helpful. 😉

      Only problem which they would not have known about unless they had a cable tester was the one that they grabbed was wired as a Crossover not a straight Patch Lead. Took about 30 seconds to find the problem once I had got into the server room but the best part of the day to convince the Powers that Be there that i had to get in there.

      Not to worry though as I get paid by the hour not the job. Not to mention that the staff there got very little done that day till I had the problem fixed. 😀


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      Great Comments

      by bfeltus ·

      In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on servers

      Thanks for the great comments and opinions.

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