AutoRun/Autoplay on servers

By bfeltus ·
Our servers are secure in a locked room. Have to have a code to get in.

I am told we do not have to worry about disabling autoplay because the servers are secure.

Any thoughts on this reasoning will be appreciated. Thanks.

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My $0.02

by oldbaritone In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on serve ...

I ALWAYS disable autoplay on servers.

Remember the SONY rootkit debacle? Just because somebody stuck in a music CD while they worked, autoplay installed a rootkit that nobody knew about.

On my server? No thanks.

At least if autoplay is disabled, I must make a deliberate effort, not just a mistake.

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by patb071 In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on serve ...

I would say disabling auto run would be more of an issue with users PCs, However you would be adding another thin layer of security by putting it on a server. I would say disable autorun.

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shut it down

by mafergus In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on serve ...

It's quick, easy and there isn't a downside.

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That Idea doesn't work for me

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on serve ...

There are still people who have access to the servers and even if they are the IT Pro's they can still make a mistake and plug in something that they immediately know that they have done wrong. This always happens when there is a Rush On and normal processes are not followed because there is not the time to waste.

Not to mention a Secure Server Room is great but I had one a while ago where the LAN was down and not working. The Office Manager insisted that the problem had to be elsewhere so I messed around all day only to find that a Cleaner had been in the Server Room after hours and broken a Patch lead They probably caught it on something and dragged it out of the socket. But rather than tell anyone what had happened they went to a place in the building with some spare Patch Leads and replaced the one that they broke. Most likely trying to be helpful.

Only problem which they would not have known about unless they had a cable tester was the one that they grabbed was wired as a Crossover not a straight Patch Lead. Took about 30 seconds to find the problem once I had got into the server room but the best part of the day to convince the Powers that Be there that i had to get in there.

Not to worry though as I get paid by the hour not the job. Not to mention that the staff there got very little done that day till I had the problem fixed.


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Great Comments

by bfeltus In reply to AutoRun/Autoplay on serve ...

Thanks for the great comments and opinions.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Great Comments

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