Autoscan Network not working with two nics

By ToddAndMargo ·
Autoscan network is not working with two or more NIC's on Windows 7 and 10

This is I have worked on for about five years now. AutoScan Network-1.50-Setup.exe.
The project does not respond to eMails or bug reports. WinPcap-4.1.3.exe npcap-1.10.exe

Both WinPCap and NPCap were tested.

AutoScan Network does in minutes what IP scanners take weeks to do, which is to find EVERYTHING on the network

I can not get this to work in W7 or 10 IF the computer has more than one network card (WiFi, Tap, etc.). When it gets to the select network adapter, there are none in a tiny missing list. Operating the arrow keys like something was there does not work either.

I can create a Virtual Machine (qemu-kvm) with only one adapter rtl8139 virtual adapter and it works fine.

Selection list with only one adapter:

With lots of adapters: Adapters:

Selection list. Note the second tiny line under the drop down:

I am wondering if this has anything to do with NDIS 5 and NDIS 6?

Any of you guys get this to work with more than one adapter? What did you do?

Many thanks, T

p.s. The Linux version works perfectly under Fedora 33:

Linux selection list with multiple adapters:
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I'm a bit confused.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Autoscan Network not work ...

"This is I have worked on for about five years now."

At the end you appear to have it working. Windows however can be a pain.

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Five years on Windows

by ToddAndMargo In reply to I'm a bit confused.

Hi Rrproffitt,

Five years on Windows. I need to get the Windows version working again.

It worked on Fedora up till version 23, then stopped, but started working again on version 30 and above. Yippee. If I am on site, I can boot off a Fedora flash drive and run Autoscan. But mostly now-a-days, with the stay at home orders, I am mainly doing remote assistance (Go To Assist, primarily) . 95% of my customers are Windows based (I do also support Apple and Linux). So I really need Autoscan on Windows to work.

I need to find all devices attached to a physical network (a PCI and HIPAA requirement). IP scanner, besides taking FOREVER, can only find things of their own software network (, etc.). Autoscan is almost instantaneous, say three minutes to find everything -- cell phones, rouge routers, everything. It is not an IP scanner and I do not know how it does its magic. I have used it to find dueling DHCP routers with different software networks ( and on the same physical network.

The closest thing I have been able to find is "arp -a". So I really, really need Autoscan back and working on Windows, especially with all the remote assistance I am having to do with the stay at home orders.

I have noticed that ESET Internet Security now has a network discovery tool that look sweet, but they do not sell it separately. I don't know if it finds things on differing software networks.

Sorry for being long winded.


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Do you remember ping?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Five years on Windows

I can't be sure since I haven't used this network ping in a long time but if you ping you used to get a reply from all devices on the LAN. This is far faster than a scan and once you get the IP numbers you can do more queries.

Windows changes with the season so what I know isn't a sure thing but hey, how this works is not magic. Nod to ping.

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by ToddAndMargo In reply to Do you remember ping?

If I know the IP address and I can route to their network, I can do an ICMP ping. It is not helpful to find unknown devices on a physical network with a different network

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I remembered the name of the ping.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to ICMP

Look up "Broadcast ping." That's how I can get a response from almost all the machines very very quickly.

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Re: broadcast ping

by ToddAndMargo In reply to I remembered the name of ...

arp is more effective and much, much faster. I have noticed that OSx will respond to a broadcast ping, but Windows machines will not, probably their anti virus firewalls stopping it).

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