Available cleaning software non booting virus infected desktop

By hseidel314 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 4400 desktop that apparently has a nasty virus infection. It will only boot in safe mode. I have been quoted $260 to clean the data and to restore Windows 2000 Professional NT. In addition they are quoting another $315. to reload the software and data. Is there any software to accomplish this at a lower cost? I would like to recover specific files if not all of them.

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If you can still boot in Safe Mode, you can still eradicate

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Available cleaning softwa ...

Have you tried using anti-virus software?

While Safe Mode is still an option, go through the available anti-virus progs until you've killed it.

Start with AVG:

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And..... just so you know....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Available cleaning softwa ...

As Old Mycroft said, you can try running antivirus software to disable whatever critter it was that disabled the computer. If you need further help doing this, just holler.

But, just so you know, YES... that's an approximate cost of what you want the shop to do for you. Had you asked them NOT to try and rescue the data, it would be far less. The price is not out of line at all though, considering that bench time is $50 to $75 per hour and it takes no less than a full day to copy your important data to CD/Thumb Drive, zero out the hard drive (no idea what you caught), run the recovery CD that came with the computer (if you can find it) to restore it to the way it was when you bought it, download all of the patches from Microsoft that came out since 2000 (all of which have to be applied in sequential order, rebooting between each wave of patches), install the software you've purchased since then (if you can find the CD's) and download patches for each of those programs, then reload your data from the backups.

As you can see, it's not an easy task to restore your computer and data once you've allowed it to catch a virus. There is NO software that will do all of this for you. You'll have to do it yourself if yo want to save the money.

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