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    Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time


    by mrs_doctor_jones ·

    Just want a few opinions here. Our clerical staff uses older computers for their work (PIV 2.0 – 3.0, with 1 GB RAM).

    Whenever they work on a particularly intensive project that seems to bog down the computer, the first thing their manager says is “you have too many windows open.” Generally, they have 4-5 windows open max, and that is at the busiest point.

    At a recent Windows 7 seminar, the Microsoft guy said the average user has 10-13 windows (applications) opened at once.

    So what I’m wondering is, what is the real average and how many is too many?

    I realize that the second part of that question is dependent on the computer and the amount of resources each open program uses.

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      Depends on user type as well

      by rwatters ·

      In reply to Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time

      I just have 5 applications open (one of which is a browser with 3 tabs open). However, we have a user that routinely has 30 different Excel and Word documents open, with Outlook that has 5 e-mails open, and 5-10 browser windows going as well. She’s always feeling that her computer is bogged down (which it is). I’d say most of our people generally have 7-10 things running at once, but we’ve moved on from PIV’s a while ago to dual core machines with 2GB memory as our minimum.

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      It’s not the raw number of windows

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time

      as much as what they’re doing. You could have 50 Notepad windows open with a single line of text in each and not bog systems like you described. You could also have a single window converting a series of 2D drawings to a 3D model and bring a system with twice your specs to its little electronic knees.

      Your manager is making a generalization. I’m not going to commit the same sin without knowing what apps your users have open, and I won’t venture a guess as to what my users do without surveying them.

      Me? I’ve usually got seven or eight apps running across three or four virtual desktops.

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        No Hard Work Here

        by mrs_doctor_jones ·

        In reply to It’s not the raw number of windows

        Just talking about single page Word and Excel files (usually) + Outlook.

        Occasionally we add a more complex Excel workbook with multiple (30) linked worksheets.

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      5-10 here

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time

      The average for the plant and office is 5, although I have one user who constantly leaves dozens of excel files open, which only bugs me when one of those files is one I have to edit (from my desk).

      Myself, I have 7-10 applications open at one time.

      At my previous job the computers were older and couldn’t handle more than a few Office windows open at a time. So there I actually did admonish my users for having too many windows open at once!

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      129 processes right now

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time

      I have 6 virtual desktops, and applications open across them all. I am a bit lazy in closing programs and folders and stuff. I often have several projects on the go, each time one gets stuck waiting for analyst input or outside influence, I just leave it open and start on another. I also have 2 virtual machines running. One running a legacy system that can’t co-exist with our current, but we still support it, and one for general testing and butchering, I keep it paused unless I need it.

      My system has a duel core processor and 3.5 GB of RAM, I usually have all 3GB used and about 1GB of Swapfile. The system is generally pretty fast.

      Took posting this as opportunity to close some stuff.

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      Right now

      by brenton keegan ·

      In reply to Average Number of Windows (Applications) Opened at One Time

      Right now I have 12 windows open. This does not account for programs with multiple tabs (Firefox, Visual studio).

      I just rebooted 2 hours ago so this is pretty light for me.

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