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    avg and windows 2000 sp4


    by dariquew ·

    i have a small network in which most machines run windows 2000 SP4.
    none of them have the rollup pack. in terms of os these machines are
    octuplets. i succesfully installed free avg 8.0 on a few of them and
    everything went well. however, when i ran the .exe on others i was
    informed that the os was incompatible. which has me baffled. i double
    checked the spec by running and printing out belarc profiles and it
    confirmed that my machines are identical. anyone have any clue on how i
    can fix this? should i download a different antivirus?(it has to be free
    because this is a non-profit with a tiny budget).

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      by dariquew ·

      In reply to avg and windows 2000 sp4


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      Give Avast a try…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to avg and windows 2000 sp4

      I run it successfully on Win2K.

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      I second Boxie on Avast

      by dumphrey ·

      In reply to avg and windows 2000 sp4

      and while I love AVG, 8.0 has had a lot of issues, and honestly they have lost a good deal of my trust (if it can’t install correctly, how can it find viruses?)
      Avast was the first free AV for the XP 64 platform, a good 4 years ago.

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      I third the two above…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to avg and windows 2000 sp4

      Having finally got p!ssed off with AVG and it’s annoying new habits.

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      For what it’s worth…

      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to avg and windows 2000 sp4

      I concur with the others.
      I have found Avast to be a much better choice than the latest incarnation of AVG.

      AVG 8 slowed down several systems I installed it on. Particularly on my personal desktop where it caused CPU cycles to run at 100% for extended periods.

      Avast also found a few valid threats that were on the system that AVG had missed for several years.

      Additionally, being a non-profit, if they use Blackbaud products, you’ll find Avast plays better with their updates and installs.

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