AVG definition file....

By sandeep_200797 ·
can i download and Extract the AVG antivirus definition we download Norton definition file... How to download & from where? I have download from AVG site but it is in (.bin) format and i dont know how to use it.

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Unfortunately for you I'm struggling to think of a

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to AVG definition file....

legitimate reason to do that.

Install Avg, it downloads the file, it understands it, it uses it.

So why do you want to?

Also given your question, I'm far from sure you could understand the answer.....

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Here's one...

by TobiF In reply to Unfortunately for you I'm ...

Say you're paying for each kb that travels over your internet connection, then, if you have 5 computers, you may want to update them manually, downloading the package once (and perhaps even over a different link...)

FWIW: Maybe a caching proxy could help limiting the internet traffic.

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If that be the case...

by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to Here's one...

...then use a Altiris Cleint Management Solution with Patch Management solution or WSUS type server to download the update/s once and distribute over the LAN (in a multicast sense).

Deduct 2 cents.

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Nope you don't need to reverse engineer the

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Here's one...

definition file for that.

And even if you did, then you'd have to take AVg's vault to bits, and it's presumably secure update mechanism.

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If it is a .bin, you don't need to extract.

by seanferd In reply to AVG definition file....

Just drop it in place.

Configure AVG to download updates from your internal site, (e.g., a folder on the network, removable drive, whatever.)

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