AVG did not remove desktop hijacker virus

By neg1053 ·
I was working on a PC, and ran AVG rescue from CD; but could not get online to update the defs. PC looked fine, but 4 days later client says virus is back. will Avast delete this crappy thing?

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won't know

by PurpleSkys In reply to AVG did not remove deskto ...

until you try...we've had success here with Avast and stubborn viruses...might not hurt to run malwarebytes as well.

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I have used it before

by neg1053 In reply to won't know

the main issue I will have is not being able to get online. and Avast doesn't seem to have a rescue disk but AVG does. I scanned it once, but can't update to the lates versions.

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safe mode? NT

by PurpleSkys In reply to I have used it before
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Get online with a different box

by seanferd In reply to I have used it before

Put malwarebytes and your bootable rescue disks on removable media and take them to the computer in question.

Turn off system restore, as malware uses that to reinstall itself.

For MBAM, scan the system in safe mode.

Try also wiping all free space after the malware and all temp files have been removed.

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Why can't you update?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I have used it before

You're posting here, right, so you have internet access. Why can't you make a rescue disc with updates? It says how in the documentation, most likely.
Or put it on a thumbdrive, update it, and then go use it on the infected computer.

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If you can't update the defs, you're screwed

by AnsuGisalas In reply to AVG did not remove deskto ...

No av can catch anything if it's not up to date... or at least that's the safe assumption.
Put the AV on an USB stick, and update it from another computer first.

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Source of Infection

by TheChas In reply to AVG did not remove deskto ...

On the presumption that you did remove the virus when you cleaned the system, you now have to find out how the system is getting infected.

Booting with a USB drive attached?

Shutting down AV to play games or stream video?

Torrent sites?

If you have any doubts that the infection has been cleaned, what I do is connect the drive using a USB adapter to a running and clean computer and scan the infected drive just to be sure it is clean.

Also keep in mind that some infections cannot be cleaned as they infect system files and the backups.

As an additional tool to the AVG rescue disk, you might consider burning several versions of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool to a CD. Boot into safe mode and then run the appropriate version of the Microsoft tool for the mal-ware you expect.

The primary limitation of the Microsoft Malicious Software tool is that it only covers a limited number of viruses on each version.

As to Avast versus AVG, the free versions are fairly equal in coverage and effectiveness.


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I know what it is AdAware.OneStep

by neg1053 In reply to Source of Infection

It's the dreaded AdAware. I am familiar with the registry, and the infected PC is right next to me. can someone walk me thru deleting this thing please. I've been scanning all day!

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have you tried TrojanHunter?

by andyjameswong In reply to I know what it is AdAware ...

I use a program in addition to my AVG and Norton's (I have a few servers and laptops PC's) called Trojan Hunter.

It's very effective and quick. It smartly runs with a delayed startup after everything else has been loaded once you log on and scans for things like this..

I suspect that a trojan maybe triggering, creating, manipulating and alerting viruses files on your pc.

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Please tell me

by AnsuGisalas In reply to have you tried TrojanHunt ...

that you don't have two real-time AV programs running at once?

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