AVG dll files deleted accidently, XP (standalone) doesn't boot up

By NDKadjar ·
I removed free AVG 7.5 anti spyware on a frined's computer and deleted accidently dll files. Now XP doesn't boot up at all. Boot.ini shows all the drivers and stops on a black screen. I inserted XP installation CD, chose recovery console,then C:\Windows by pressing 1 in order to disable AVG services/drivers, but I cannot do it because it asks for the Admin password. I asked my friend for the password, she gave me 13, tried them all (3 at the time, but nothing works. I even left the entry of the password blank and pressed "Enter", but windows still requires it.
I asked permission from my friend to reset or crack the admin password, and she accepted. I have to bring back up her PC as she has files she wants to download/burn.
Please help as it's not my computer and I have to fix it. Thank you for your help

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7 years on TR - you should know better than ask that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to AVG dll files deleted acc ...

Still, you offered to crack the password, so crack the password.

Although, if your friend doesn't know the Admin password, I'd be questioning the authenticity of her being the true owner of the machine.

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All Right -- a real story

by The Scummy One In reply to AVG dll files deleted acc ...

behind the request :) I have been waiting for a decent one for some time now :)

Ok, first go into Safe Mode instead of the recovery console. This way AVG wont load automatically and you can remove it in a familiar way.
If it gives you any troubles, just remember the secret built in admin account PW can be used here (but not in recovery console). Others here will jump on me for giving this info out, so instead, wait for a peer mail from me (you do accept peer mail ???).

Once logged in Open the bootmgr file in notepad (c:\bootmgr). Do NOT MARK IT TO ALWAYS OPEN WITH NOTEPAD
You will notice 2 areas (like paragraphs). Delete the 2nd one. The first one sets up the boot, the second larger one causes boot errors if conditions are not met. It is safe to remove this, once removed most boot errors will never happen.

Now go to Add Remove programs in the control panel, and remove AVG. If it fails (likely) you can also just re-install it and not worry about disabling services, etc.

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Nothing works

by NDKadjar In reply to All Right -- a real story

It won't boot into safe mode, safe mode w/ command prompt, safe mode w/networking, no LKG and of course no normal windows. During all these modes, it displays very fast the Boot.ini file with all the drivers and gets stuck on a black screen with the last line.
I am not able to see anything. Recovery Console would be my only option, but I don't have the admin password.
Any idea what to do next?

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If access to files is the most important right now

by seanferd In reply to Nothing works

and the drive isn't encrypted, slave it to another machine and pull off the needed files.

Back up all the data, then do a reinstall on the original machine.

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