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Avg failed me

By dcmjoker ·
I had AVG 7.5.1 and it was working immaculately or so I thought.
I downloaded the newest version of McAfee and it found a lot of trojans and even a few dormant virus's that AVG didn't acknowledge.

I'm not upset, because AVG was free, but consider how protected you are if you solely trust in only AVG

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I have AVG pro...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Avg failed me

I have not upgraded to 7.5 yet, but I will and then run some tests to see if it is really working or not...

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use several

by bigbigboss In reply to Avg failed me

No one should use only one virus protection software.

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How? Please

by dlauxx In reply to use several

Would different anti-virus software running at the same time casue any conflict?

Love to hear more from your experience, how many and what differentanti-virus software you are using?

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running multiple anti virus software is paranoid

by rommel74 In reply to How? Please

apart from the anti virus software interfering with each other, they will also slow down the PC and cause false alarms

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I only USE 1 Anit Virus Tool AVG Malware 7.5 with licence .....

by carlsf In reply to running multiple anti vir ...

But once a fortnight I run one of the online scanners (Symantec one f/night the next f/night I run Trend's) this I find normally finds nothing so I can be 99% sure my systems are clean it may accasionally fine a cookie or two.

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paranoid computing...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to running multiple anti vir ...

is the only way to stay clean!

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Pure stand-alone computing

by NickNielsen In reply to paranoid computing...

is the only way to stay clean. :0

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