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AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only Product) 9.0

By SamRogers04 ·
I know the answer to this question, but I have been asked to ask everyone how good would a manager be of a Medium Sized Business with 1 Server and 5- 10 Workstations have only AVG 9.0 Free Anti Virus. This business might I add is also on a cable modem in a 10K Population and does 500k to 1 Mil. in transactions. Is this enough protection?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only ...
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by cpubymike In reply to AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only ...

That aside AVG free isn't licensed for comercial use.

Get a decent firewall and shell out $300 bucks to put AV on your workstations you should probably be using *nix for your servers anyway so the money you save on licensing M$ products you could put into software AV for your terminals and a decent Firewall/DMZ security setup of somesort

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RE: how good would a manager be of a Medium Sized Business

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only ...

Well I think that this is your question and my answer is the manager would be Terrible.

If they worked for me I would be looking at terminating their position ASAP.

AVG Free doesn't run on Windows Servers anyway to begin with and doesn't work on a Domain as it is specifically stated in the EULA that it is for Domestic Use only and is a crippled version of the full AVG 9 Product.

Just how much money has gone missing?


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Doesn't matter either way

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only ...

License agreement says personal use only....

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How About

by TheChas In reply to AVG Free (Anti-Virus Only ...

The terms for the manager that come to mind include:





You can also include inviting an audit by the BSA. After all, if they violate EULAs for anti-virus, what other illegal software installations are there?

I would not be surprised to see Microsoft Office Home and Student edition running on the work stations.

Nor, would I personally want to work with or for this person. If they cut cheap on security software, what other areas does the company cut corners and turn a blind eye to?


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