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AVG Network Edition

By s.mcgahan ·
Hi folks

I am just wondering if any of you people have experience of AVG Network edition. I am currently considering changing anti-virus products and thought I would ask if anyone has had difficulties with AVG.

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by lhatcher In reply to AVG Network Edition

We went with AVG networks about 6 months ago. The only problem I had was getting the remote installation to work, but after reading AVG's online documentation, I got it to work. I found their tech support to be very lacking, very unhelpful, but other than that, I would say go for it, its a good product, and a good price.

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by s.mcgahan In reply to Installation

I have just completed a very successful roll-out of AVG. The firewall needed tweaking to get the remote admin tool to work properly and I had to visit a few XP clients to turn off simple file-sharing and windows firewall. Other than that I am very happy, it has found more nasties than our previous anti-virus ever did!!

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AVG Network Edition

by u2envy1 In reply to AVG Network Edition

Yip, I did. Its a nightmare !!!
I could not delete scheduled tasks from the Admin control.
One thing that I was amazed by. It updated all clients connected to the LAN with the new 7.5 AVG client. but this happened a day later after I tried installing it to the client pc's & failed to install most of them.
I just cannot get it to install the anti-spyware from the AVG admin.

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Not worth it

by zoomlmk In reply to AVG Network Edition

This has to be the worst experience I've ever had with Anti-virus software. For starters, the installation of AVG Network Edition was plagued with issues, ranging from invalid license keys to remote client installations that wouldn't take. On top of that the support is absolutely terrible which compounds any issues you're already having with the product. The only way to contact AVG with technical questions is via e-mail support which doesn't work half the time. The other half of the time they don't reply, so you're left trying to figure out how to make this product work while your users are not properly protected. In my case I got rid of AVG and went with the much easier to manage Symantec Corporate Edition which has worked out well so far.


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